Too Scared to Tell By Cathy Glass

Too Scared to Tell By Cathy Glass

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The true story of a 6-year-old boy with a dreadful secret.

Oskar’s school teacher raises the alarm. Oskar’s mother is abroad and he has been left in the care of ‘friends’, but has been arriving in school hungry, unkempt, and with bruises on his arms, legs and body. Experienced foster carer Cathy Glass is asked to look after him, but as the weeks pass her concerns deepen. Oskar is far too quiet for a child of six and is clearly scared of something or someone.

And who are those men parked outside his school watching him?

My Thoughts:

Another superbly written story that had me in tears. Cathy Glass is a foster carer and writes about the children that she takes into care. Here we meet Oskar and what has happened to him will truly shock you as it did with Cathy. You see how she gives him and every child who comes into her care the warmth and love that they should get. I am thoroughly looking forward to the next book, as at the end of this book there is a bombshell dropped to do with Cathy and her family.  Keep your eyes peeled.

I received this book for an honest review.

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