Memo Random By Anders De La Motte

Memo Random By Anders De La Motte

This title will be released on December 3, 2015.

David Sarac is a police officer who has done something unforgiveable. But how can he atone for his crimes when he can’t remember the victims?

When David Sarac wakes up from a car crash in Stockholm, all he knows is that he is a police officer, he has done something unforgiveable, and he needs to protect his informant, Janus.

Natalie Aden is recruited to investigate Sarac. She becomes his confidante – the only person he trusts to help him piece the clues together.

But they’re not the only ones looking for Janus. And others will go to desperate lengths – and use brutal tactics – to make sure they find him first…

My Thoughts:

I had never heard of Anders De La Motte before so was keen to give this book a go, I was given this book for an honest review. This is a thriller that is really fast paced, there are lots of different characters which I did find hard to work out who was who. I did get quite confused at many points in the story but I did finish this book and I did enjoy the ending. There are lots of twists and turns but I would say don’t give up on it as the ending is perfect for a thriller.

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