Wife In The North By Judith O’Reilly

Wife In The North By Judith O’Reilly

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How far would you go to be the perfect mother? The hilarious Wife in the North by Judith O’Reilly,based on her enormously popular blog, recounts one woman’s attempt to move her family and her life from cosmopolitan London to rural Northumberland.

Maybe hormones ate her brain. How else did Judith’s husband persuade her to give up her career and move from her beloved London to Northumberland with two toddlers in tow?

Pregnant with number 3 Judith is about to discover that there are one or two things about life in the country that no one told her about: that she’d be making friends with people who believed in the four horsemen of the apocalypse; that running out of petrol could be a near death experience and that the closest thing to an ethnic minority would be a redhead.

Judith tries to do that simple thing that women do, make hers a happy family. A family that might live happily ever after. Possibly even up North …

My Thoughts:

I love the cover for this book it makes you want to get started. It is set out like a diary of all the things Judith and her family get up to which I liked. Some of the diary entries are quite short which made me want to read a few more. I did chuckle at a few things as I remembered my childhood. Whether you have children or not you will still enjoy this story. Poor Judith.

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Mum on the run By Fiona Gibson

Mum on the run By Fiona Gibson

Laura Swan was dreading the school sports day Mum’s race – but whoever would have thought it could be quite so life-changing?

Laugh-out-loud funny, Fiona’s writing deals with the real life cringe-worthy moments we all know so well…

Sports Day at her children’s school is a nightmare for Laura because of the event she dreads – the Mums’ Race. She knows the other mothers have been in training for at least three months – even though they’re trying to pretend that they haven’t. Laura’s vowed never to take part, but the morning of the School Sports Day she makes a fatal error and promises her daughter that if she eats her Rice Crispies, she will run. With no escape, Laura is forced to take part and as she moves towards her inevitable humiliation, she is horrified to spot her husband Jed flirting with Celeste the delectable French girl who works with him.

Determined to put up a fight and to show Jed there is still plenty of spice left in their marriage, Laura decides it is time to give her body the work out it has been desperately crying out for. But when Laura makes a special new friend at the running club that she has joined, she gets much more than she bargained for.


My Thoughts:

This is my second Fiona Gibson book and I completely fell in love with this book too. It is so true to family life, it will make you laugh out loud so be careful reading it in a public place. Fiona has a relaxed way of writing that I just love. Loved all the characters, it does have funny parts in this book but it also has some serious parts. My kind of chick-lit, easy read.

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