Sunset over the Cherry Orchard By Jo Thomas

Sunset over the Cherry Orchard By Jo Thomas

jo thomas

It’s time for Beti Winter to dance to her own beat.

After three failed engagements Beti is in desperate need of a fresh start. What better place than the sun-drenched hills of southern Spain?

But it’s not all sangria and siestas. Beti finds work on an old Andalusian cherry farm where there are cherries to be picked, trees to be watered and her fiery boss, Antonio, to win over.

As the sun toasts her skin, Beti finds herself warming to the Spanish way of life. Embracing the art of flamenco, she discovers there is much to learn from the dance of passion. She just has to let loose and listen to the rhythm of her heart.

My Thoughts:

There is something about reading a Jo Thomas that just puts a smile on your face. Jo’s covers for her books are always so summery and vibrant. This story we follow Beti who needs a new start somewhere different. So she goes to Spain I mean I was jealous right there but when she starts work on a Cherry farm well, I could almost smell and taste those sweet cherries. Lots of food involved, a very nice Spanish man called Antonio and a well thought out plot of a story.

I received a ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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The Honey Farm on the Hill By Jo Thomas

The Honey Farm on the Hill By Jo Thomas

jo thomas

This title will be released on August 24, 2017.

We never forget the one who got away.

Eighteen years ago Nell fell in love in the mountains of Crete and life changed for ever. Nell’s daughter, Demi, has never met her dad. Nell never saw him again.

When she gets the chance to return to the hilltop town of Vounoplagia – where everything began – Nell can’t resist the urge to go back and find him.

Working on a honey farm perched high up in the hills, there’s plenty to keep her busy. And she will quickly realise the town harbours just as many secrets as she does.

But if Nell’s favourite romantic films are right, there’s a happy ending in store for each of us. All she has to do is seek out the magic of the mountains…

My Thoughts:

I am a big fan of Jo Thomas and her books. I couldn’t wait to delve in to one of her wonderful stories again. As with it being so hot in the UK at the moment, I kind of felt as though I was in Crete experiencing some of the temperatures that Nell was experiencing in the book. There are some wonderful characters in the story especially the family that Nell goes to stay with. I enjoyed reading about the bees and how a factory to make honey is put together, I am not a big fan of honey but still enjoyed the book nether the less.

I was given this book for an honest review.

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The Olive Branch By Jo Thomas

The Olive Branch By Jo Thomas

This Title will be released on 2nd July 2015


Escape to Italy with THE OLIVE BRANCH – the irresistibly romantic new novel from Jo Thomas, award-winning author of ebook runaway bestseller THE OYSTER CATCHER.

You can buy almost anything online these days.

But is a crumbling Italian farmhouse a step too far?

Ruthie Collins certainly thinks so when she arrives amid pouring rain to an olive farm she doesn’t know the first thing about running.

But for Ruthie, newly single, anywhere has got to be better than her mum’s settee. Hasn’t it?

Life can change with the click of a mouse. But the finer things – friendship, romance, and even the olive harvest – take time to grow. Can Ruthie put the past to rest and find her own piece of the Dolce Vita along the way?

My Thoughts:

I got this book for an honest review, so want to thank Jo and her publisher for sending it to me.I really liked this book, I loved the story it made me feel all warm inside, especially as the weather hasn’t been too good here, it made me think of a warm summers day and it cheered me up no end. I knew what was going to happen but I still very much loved it. Such a beautiful setting and really lovely characters. What’s not to love. I was so taken with this book I managed to read it in two days. It was brilliant finding out about the Italian way of Life. A perfect summer holiday read or to curl up with on a winters day.