First Crush, Last Love By Elizabeth McKenna

First Crush, Last Love By Elizabeth McKenna

first crush

Remember your first crush? How your heart raced and your cheeks flushed whenever you saw him? Jessie Baxter does, and it’s happening again. Ten years ago, despite her best efforts, Lee Archer wanted to be just friends.

Now, he wants more, but Jessie’s still recovering from a psycho ex-husband. Can she learn to trust again and make her first crush into her last love?

Elizabeth McKenna’s latest novel will have you remembering the angst of high school, the grief of a failed relationship, and the happiness of true love.

My Thoughts:

This is the first book I have read of Elizabeth’s and it certainly wont be the last. I really felt as though I wanted to reach out and help Jessie especially with what she has to go through with her psycho husband. The book is set out in three sections: when they are in high school, after college and the reunions. I did think Jessie and Lee were one of those couples that were destined to be together. A story that I really got involved in and couldn’t put down.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

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The Great Village Show By Alexandra Brown

The Great Village Show By Alexandra Brown



Tindledale is in a tizzy . . .

The Village Show competition is coming around again and after last year’s spectacular failure, the villagers are determined to win. Meg, teacher at the local school, is keen to help and to impose some much-needed order.

After a terse encounter with a newcomer to the village, Meg discovers that it is celebrity chef and culinary bad boy, Dan Wright. Meg thinks he is arrogant and rude but rumour has it that Dan is opening a new restaurant in the village which could really put Tindledale on the map.

As things come together, villagers old and new all start to come out of the woodwork, including new arrival Jessie who seems to have it all. But first impressions can be deceptive and Meg discovers that when it comes to Tindledale – and Dan – nothing is ever quite as it seems . . .

My Thoughts:

This was such a lovely heart warming story, it is a book that you wont want to put down with it’s well written story, loveable characters and perfect ending. This book does follow on from The Great Christmas Knit off which I have yet to read but can be read as a stand alone. I love how all the villagers rally round to help Meg set up the Village show. Tindledale sounds such a lovely little village which you can just imagine yourself there.

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