How to be Happy By Eva Woods

How to be Happy By Eva Woods


The smallest things can make the biggest difference.

Annie has been sad for so long that she’s forgotten how to be any other way. Until she meets Polly.

Polly is everything that Annie is not. She’s colourful, joyful, happy. Because if recent events have taught Polly anything, it’s that your time is too short to waste a single day.

Polly has one hundred days to help Annie find happiness. Annie’s convinced it’s impossible, but so is saying no to Polly. And on an unforgettable journey, Annie begins to realise that maybe, just maybe, there’s still colour to be found in the world.

But then it becomes clear that Polly’s about to need her new friend more than ever…and Annie will have to decide once and for all whether letting others in is a risk worth taking.

My Thoughts:

If you are going to read this book you need a big box of tissues, I don’t know how anyone can read it without crying. It is such an emotional read that it had me in bits for days. But don’t be put off as it shows you how you can make everyday count and how important your friends and family are in your time of need.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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