Angelina’s Children By Alice Ferney

Angelina’s Children By Alice Ferney

‘Few gypsies want to be seen as poor, although many are. Such was the case with old Angelina’s sons, who possessed nothing other than their caravan and their gypsy blood. But it was young blood that coursed through their veins, a dark and vital flow that attracted women and fathered numberless children. And, like their mother, who had known the era of horses and caravans, they spat upon the very thought that they might be pitied.’

So begins the story of a tribe exiled to the outskirts of the city, outlawed and ostracized by society. Esther, a young librarian from the town, wants to teach Angelina’s grandchildren to read. She runs into a wall of suspicion but eventually manages to tame the children and gain Angelina’s confidence. Dealing with the widow’s five sons is another matter.

My Thoughts:

Set in France this is the story about a group of Gypsies who have set up their camp on an abandoned wasteland. This story shows they were ostracized by their own people but that they are free spirited and proud of who they are, it shows a family that never can stay in one place for too long, not knowing when they will have to be moved on. Angelina’s families lives are harsh, no job to go to so no money coming in, can Esther a local librarian help to change the children’s lives for the better? I found this book to be a very honest portrayal of a gypsie’s life. Some of the things were hard to hear and sad but in reality it is the truth.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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