Ties That Harm By E. R. Chissick

Ties That Harm By E. R. Chissick


Alexandra’s life is an ongoing rollercoaster of love, light and fun. But just one point of weakness at the highest peak, is all it takes to plunge her into a darkness which stops her world turning. And because she’s not the only one to blame for its sudden halt, she has no way of knowing if it will ever turn again.

When past connections become the ties that harm, Alexandra’s worst nightmare becomes an unwanted reality that, regardless of the strength of the ties that bind, will test her to the absolute limit.

In this story of betrayal, revenge and deceit, we meet the people in Alexandra and Gabriel’s wider circle of family, friends and colleagues.

But who among them has a secret to hide?

Who has a confession to make?

Who has a past to repair and who will survive the Ties That Harm?

My Thoughts:

Having read Elaine’s previous novel Ties That Bind, I was more than happy to accept an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book follows on from the first book where you get to meet all the characters and find out their background. I loved Alexandra and Gabriel, they go through a lot together but still manage to come out the other side stronger than they were before.I thought little Vincent was a brave young character and I can’t believe how much he has to go through. The story is a gripping one with quite a few twists that I didn’t see coming. The ending leaves you wanting more and I am sure that is what the reader will get with the next book, I know for a fact I cannot wait.

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