Every Move You Make By Deborah Bee

Every Move You Make By Deborah Bee

There are two sides to every story.
But only one is the truth.

A young woman turns up at a police station. She has been kept prisoner in her own home. Abused and tortured, her every move watched, her every thought controlled. Now she’s finally escaped.

That’s what she says.

But when the police arrive at the address she’s given them, her story doesn’t seem to add up. Her husband is missing, but his phone and wallet are still in the house.

She says she’s the victim, but what if she’s not? What if the stories she’s telling aren’t her stories at all . .

My Thoughts:

Engaging and gripping read, a perfect escapism read. I liked the sound of the plot as it seemed believable, the characters came to life with Deborah’s writing, you felt as though you didn’t know who to trust and who was telling the truth. I found the subject matter being depression and domestic violence hard to read about but Deborah has done really well with capturing that side of things. It will make you want to forget about your housework and keep reading on.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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