It Ain’t Easy: Short Stories By Keisa Alexandra

It Ain’t Easy: Short Stories By Keisa Alexandra

“It Ain’t Easy” is a collection of short stories on growing up in Washington, DC. If you think it’s all memorials and museums, you’re mistaken.

This collection explores the every day lives of those who reside in the city— from the around the way girls and boys in the hood to the private schools on the privileged side of town.

“It Ain’t Easy” shows one of America’s most talked about cities in a way it is rarely seen; through the eyes of the people.

My Thoughts:

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review. It is a collection of stories about what it is like to live in the part  of the city that is the gritty streets of some of the poorest parts of the city to the privileged halls of its prestigious private schools. I liked the way Keisa writes, she takes you in to the heart and mind of the characters, I didn’t realise she is only 24 years old. The title of the stories truly sums up the way some of these poor people live. Will definitely be looking out for more of her books. These stories make for a great read.

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