After She’s Gone By Camilla Grebe

After She’s Gone By Camilla Grebe

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A case as cold as the season. A profiler who can’t remember. A killer ready to strike again. 

Psychological profiler Hanne Lagerlind-Schön and her partner, investigator Peter Lindgren are invited to the small, sleepy industrial town of Ormberg to investigate a cold case: ten years earlier a five-year-old girl’s remains were found in a cairn near the town.

But when a recurring memory problem resurfaces, Hanne struggles to keep track of the case. She begins keeping a diary, noting down everything she is likely to forget to keep up appearances so she doesn’t lose her job.

When the body of a woman is found at the cairn and one of Hanne’s shoes is found nearby covered in the victim’s blood, can Hanne’s diary hold the key to what happened? How does this new murder connect to their old one?

How can you put together what happened when the pieces keep fading away?

My Thoughts:

After enjoying Camilla’s previous novel The ice beneath us I was intrigued to read her latest one, even though I didn’t enjoy it as much it is still a very well thought out plot and very descriptive writing almost like you are out there. It is a slightly strange story and set in Ormberg where it is cold, it did make me shudder a few times thinking I was there. You get to see what people are thinking and what people want to say but would not normally.

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