The Woman Who Upped And Left By Fiona Gibson

The Woman Who Upped And Left By Fiona Gibson

fiona gibson

Forget about having it all. Sometimes you just want to leave it all behind.

Audrey is often seized by the urge to walk out of her house without looking back – but she can’t possibly do that.

She is a single parent. She is needed. She has a job, a home, responsibilities…and a slothful teenage son’s pants to pick up.

But no one likes being taken for granted – Audrey least of all – so the time has come for drastic action. And no one’s going to stand in her way…

My Thoughts:

I was given this book for an honest review. I really enjoy books by Fiona Gibson as they always manage to put a smile on my face. This one was really good, I particularly enjoyed the recipes at the back of the book, as I was asked to make one of the dishes and put pictures up on my blog which I have done in my previous post. There are some very funny laugh out loud moments so be careful where you are reading this book as I was getting strange looks. If you want a nice light easy read this is the book for you.

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