Deck the Halls By Emily Harvale

Deck the Halls By Emily Harvale


Harri (Harriet) Hall thinks Christmas will be perfect in her ancestral home, The Hall, with roaring log fires, scented pine trees, sparkling decorations, and mouth-watering, festive feasts. She’s been abroad for the last two years and is excited about introducing her, admittedly quirky, family, and The Hall, to her boyfriend, Art (Arthur) and his family, the Camlan-Browns.

She soon finds things have changed. The family funds are dwindling fast and The Hall looks like a dilapidated pile. But Harri has her savings and it won’t take long to spruce it up. Although letting Lance Knightly do the renovation, may be a big mistake. There’s something about the man, Harri really doesn’t like.

She needs to keep an eye on him. Snow is gently falling and preparations are going well – until Harri’s stepbrother blows up the cooker; water leaks through the roof and blizzards arrive before the Camlan-Browns. Will Art get through the snow by Christmas Eve, and will Lance finish work on The Hall in time?

Harri’s perfectly capable of dealing with a crisis as well as any man, but it seems Christmas may not turn out quite as she expected.

My Thoughts:

I am a big fan of Emily’s books and I always recommend them. This is a bit different to Emily’s previous novels as in this one she only writes from one characters perspective. It was brilliant as I could focus more on Harriet herself. I wish I could of been there it all sounded magical, the hall, the two young twins and also Lance, he sounded very nice. I felt as though I was a part of their Christmas celebrations. A wonderful Christmas story.

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