I Heart Forever ( I heart series, book 7) By Lindsey Kelk

I Heart Forever ( I heart series, book 7) By Lindsey Kelk

lindsey kelk

This title will be released on September 7, 2017. 

Winter in Manhattan…and someone’s keeping a secret.

The day her husband Alex picks up a backpack and goes travelling, Angela Clark promises to stay out of trouble and keep both Louboutins on the ground. So when her best friend’s boyfriend confides in her, it can’t hurt to help him pick out a ring at Tiffany’s surely? And when her fashion magazine announces major changes, being terminally late and winking at your new boss in the lift isn’t that bad, is it?

Then suddenly there’s another big secret Angela’s got to keep – and the man she loves is still thousands of miles away. As the wedding of the year looms, and Manhattan switches on its Christmas lights, Angela is going to need her friends by her side as her old life looks set to change forever.

My Thoughts:

I have to be honest and say I have not read many of Lindsey Kelks books especially none of them in this I heart series and I am not sure why. I think Lindsey is a great writer and I found this book quite amusing. I don’t think you necessarily need to read the ones previous but I am going to as I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I loved the start, the middle and the end.

I won this book in a goodreads competition.

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Hello From The Gillespies By Monica McInerney

Hello From The Gillespies By Monica McInerney

For the last thirty years, Angela Gillespie’s annual Christmas letter has been full of her family’s triumphs. But this year Angela surprises everyone, including herself – she tells the truth.

Angela’s husband is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Her grown-up daughters are more out of control than ever. And her youngest child spends all of his time talking to an imaginary friend.

With fantasy thoughts of a life before marriage and motherhood becoming more than just an innocent daydream, Angela’s real life is slowly slipping out of focus.

But, as the repercussions of her ruthlessly honest letter begin to pile up, a shocking event takes Angela from her family, and she realises she should have been more careful of what she wished for. . .

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading this book.  I loved the plot and the fact that I could relate to the characters and that they seem a fairly normal family. I think the problems that this family had are mostly what normal families can go through. I loved all the characters in this book especially Joan as she seemed an absolute star. Don’t be put of if you read the blurb and it says about a Christmas Letter as it isn’t really a Christmas book. I found this book to be heart warming but emotional, I did laugh out loud at parts. It made me think about what I have to come when I have kids. This book will definitely leave you feeling happy. I am going to be looking out for more of Monica’s books now.

I heart Christmas By Lindsey Kelk

I heart Christmas By Lindsey Kelk

Angela’s planning her very own fairytale of New York…

• Enormous Christmas tree
• Eggnog
• Eccentric British traditions
• Gorgeous man

But Santa’s throwing her a few curveballs – new job (as if it’s not mental enough already), new baby-craze from her best friend Jenny, and Alex determined they should grow up and settle down. Once friends start turning up uninvited on her doorstep (and leading her astray), can Angela really have a merry little Christmas? So much for happy holidays – something’s got to give…

My Thoughts:

I had never read any of Lindsey Kelk’s books before. I have to say I really enjoyed this book, I managed to read it in two days. It is a nice easy read that deals with real people or should I say women’s problems. Will definitely be looking into reading the other books in this series. Even though it is after Christmas I still found this book enjoyable. Maybe it was a predictable ending but I loved the storyline and I loved the fact I could really relate to Angela. Great characters in a heart warming story.