Summer Of Secrets By Nikola Scott

Summer Of Secrets By Nikola Scott


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This title will be released on September 6, 2018. 

August 1939

At peaceful Summerhill, orphaned Maddy hides from the world and the rumours of war. Then her adored sister Georgina returns from a long trip with a new friend, the handsome Victor. Maddy fears that Victor is not all he seems, but she has no idea just what kind of danger has come into their lives…


Chloe is newly pregnant. This should be a joyful time, but she is fearful for the future, despite her husband’s devotion. When chance takes her to Summerhill, she’s drawn into the mystery of what happened there decades before. And the past reaches out to touch her in ways that could change everything…

My Thoughts:

If you love a good old romance then this is the book for you, a perfect read for the beach or if you want a read that is pure escapism. I love how it differs from the past to the present. What it was like in 1939 is  incredible to read about and the author has clearly done some fantastic research.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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Everybody’s Somebody By Beryl Kingston

Everybody’s Somebody By Beryl Kingston


Rosie Goodison is not one to shy away from life’s problems. Whether it’s finding work or challenging injustice, she squares her shoulders, sets her chin high and faces it full on. Born at the end of the nineteenth century, in the rural south of England and sent into service aged just twelve, Rosie quickly discovers that many people spend their lives toiling for very little reward, whilst others ‘have it all’.

Whilst working as a housekeeper Rosie starts to learn more and more about the world, gleaned from overheard conversations and discarded newspapers. This prompts a thirst for knowledge that will prevail for the rest of her life.

Rosie aspires to have a better life than that of her parents: better living and working conditions, better education for her children, to be able to vote, to be able to control how many children she has…

Without realising it, this young woman is blazing a trail for all of those who are to come after.

Whilst working in London, Rosie meets her sweetheart Jim, but The Great War puts paid to their plans, and she, along with the rest of society, must try to deal with the horrors and losses.

All that remains of Rosie now is a quartet of paintings in an art gallery. The artist is now famous, but the model is unnamed and forgotten; nobody of consequence.

But everybody has a life story.

Everybody’s Somebody.

My Thoughts:

I do like a good historical read especially when it is something I am interested in. This is Southern England up until 1939 and we see how Rosie Goodison copes with life as a twelve year old girl. It is a tale about a young girl who makes the best of what life throws at her. I found her a strong and determined young girl. The descriptions are very well detailed and very informative. I felt I learnt a great deal about that era from this book. I liked the dialogue too it made it more realistic. I hope there is a book two as it seemed like the ending wasn’t really finished with yet.

I received an advanced reading copy of this book for a honest review.

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Bicycles and Blackberries By Sheila Newberry

Bicycles and Blackberries By Sheila Newberry

sheila-newburyThe East End, 1939.

When war comes to London, the bright and irrepressible Georgia Smith is torn from her tight-knit family and packed off as an evacuee.

She moves in with Phoebe Bliss, whose cheerful smile masks a dark past that ten year-old Georgia couldn’t possibly understand.

Georgia soon finds herself involved in the small town complicated love lives. But some secrets aren meant for little girls, and she finds herself in danger.

Can a good heart keep a mischievous girl out of trouble?

My Thoughts: 

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.This is a new author to me but I really liked this story, it is set in the East End in 1939 and it is a bit different to all the other books I have been reading of late. There are some truly wonderful characters that I have come across in this book even though the story is mainly about Georgia, it does involve other people that are close to her and their stories. A lovely read that I wont forget in a hurry.

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