Chicken Wars By Adam Leigh

Chicken Wars By Adam Leigh

Jack Fogel had always wanted to work in TV, not run the family business. He thought he’d escaped, until his father’s heart attack saddled him with Fogel’s Kosher Chickens, an operation built by his grandfather and mired in the past. Years later, his wife is long gone, his two teenage daughters perpetually disappointed and his mother insistent that he fund her expensive lifestyle. Even worse, he finds himself at war with business rival Lionel Gutterman, a former employee now prepared to use the most unethical tactics to exact revenge. Lonely and miserable, he meets Sonia Lewis on a blind date. When she reveals she owns a vegan cafe, Jack panics and doesn’t quite tell the truth about what he does. As their relationship blossoms, the lie becomes more difficult to sustain. With increasingly unpredictable attacks from Lionel, he faces personal and professional destruction unless he works out how the truth can save him. Chicken Wars is a romantic comedy about the conflicts we must overcome to accept who we are. For Jack, the prize is love or poultry. Can it be both?

My Thoughts:

This was such a brilliantly funny read that had me in stitches. Jack does not want to have to run the families business Fogel’s Kosher Chickens but here he is after his dad has a massive heart attack. His life is not going how he thought it would, his wife has left, his two daughters are not impressed by him and he is fed up with having a rival who is doing his upmost to seek revenge on him. A little hope when he goes on a blind date with Sonia but there are problems from the start, she owns a vegan cafe and he doesn’t have the heart to tell her what he does for a job. Can he open up to her and tell her? what is going to happen? There is lots going on in this book and some really good characters. It is a thought provoking read and one that will be very popular.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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