The Last Word By Taylor Adams

The Last Word By Taylor Adams

If you give this book a one-star review, you might end up dead.

Emma is house-sitting on the rainy Washington coast with only her golden retriever for company. She likes the isolation, the peace and quiet, and the opportunity to read.

But her latest pick, a poorly written and gruesome horror novel, is disappointing and Emma leaves a one-star review. A message dings back – the author, H.G. Kane, has replied and he’s furious. Emma brushes it off, until disturbing incidents start to occur. Scratches in the night. A figure crawling around in the shadows.

Kane has written sixteen other novels, all similarly sadistic tales of stalking and murder. He knows he’s a brilliant writer – he just needs to make Emma understand…

My Thoughts:

I loved the sound of this book, whilst Emma is housesitting, she is reading to keep her thoughts about her own life at bay but when she finishes a book that is not to her liking she would never realise the repercussions she is about to witness when she leaves a one star review. Cue the author messaging her back and forth as he knows what a good writer he is but needs Emma to work it out too. It was a intense and creepy novel that left me feeling like I had the chills. I wouldn’t say it was my favourite thriller but I did like the plot as it was unique. I have not read anything like this before and probably wont ever again. Taylor writes well with great description and I thought the ending was good.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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