Hotel 21 By Senta Rich

Hotel 21 By Senta Rich

‘I have a first-day rule. Any sign of trouble, even a whiff of a problem, and I walk.’

Noelle is an efficient and friendly hotel cleaner, a model employee. Or so she’d have you think. The trouble is that she can’t help taking little ‘souvenirs’ as she cleans. Nothing of value, just tokens of happy, normal lives: a lipstick, a hair clip, some tweezers. And by the time the guest has noticed, she’s long gone.

As she starts at her 21st hotel, she’s determined to beat her record of one month in a five star hotel before suspicion falls on her. But when she meets her new colleagues, her plans are complicated. These women aren’t just hands pushing carts down lonely hotel corridors: they are women with lives full of happiness and worry, pain and joy. The kind of lives Noelle has never known how to live. They make her wonder what it might be like to have real friends, people to stick around for…

My Thoughts:

I loved the sound of this book, I haven’t read many books about hotel cleaners and thought this sounded right up my street and it was. Noelle is a hotel cleaner and she can’t help herself to the guests own items. She doesn’t take big things just little things so she can hide them. Once she takes someone’s thing she ends up leaving that hotel anyway, she likes the thrill of it. When she arrives at Hotel 21, the group of cleaners already there are different women to whom Noelle has ever met before can they help her to see what she has been missing out on. I like reading about Noelle’s back story and why she does what she does. I am not saying for a second I agree with it but I understand her more after reading about her. It was nice to hear a little about her new group of cleaner friends too, they have relatable situations they are dealing with. I think this was a great little story.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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