Summer at the Ice Cream Cafe By Jo Thomas

Summer at the Ice Cream Cafe By Jo Thomas

A dream home
Beca Valentino is ready to escape the city. When she sees the perfect house for sale in her hometown, it seems like fate. Is this her chance to build the foster family she dreams of, on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast?

A big mistake?
Returning home isn’t as easy as she thought, however. Her family’s beloved ice cream café is gone – turned into a soulless wine bar by her hateful ex-boyfriend. Reconnecting with her oldest friend, fisherman Griff, isn’t straightforward either. And when, instead of the children she expected to take in, two wary teenage boys appear on her doorstep, Beca fears she’s made a terrible mistake.

A recipe for change
But an old family recipe book is just the inspiration she needs. Soon, with a little help from friends old and new, Beca is selling mouth-watering homemade gelato from a pop-up café on the beach.

Then disaster strikes. Will the Valentino family legacy be lost forever? Or can Beca create a new recipe for happiness?

My Thoughts:
I loved, loved, loved this story so much. It is all about Beca who decides to move back to the place she grew up in, she left for reasons that we as a reader will discover whilst reading through this book. She is heartbroken to find her family’s ice cream cafe has gone and is now being run by her ex But when finding her families recipe book she knows with help she can sell her beloved families gelato once again and make people very happy.. Beca tries to reconnect with all her old friends but she doesn’t realise how much people have moved on. She is trying to embark on the biggest thing in her life but has she done the right thing? This was such a splendid read and made me hungry for gelato. I could almost taste it. I like seeing how the community can pull together when someone needs help. If your after a read that will whisk you away this is the book for you. A fantastic read but a brilliant author.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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