Twin Truths By Jacqueline Sutherland

Twin Truths By Jacqueline Sutherland

How well do your family really know you?

Belle can’t wait to finally have her twins all to herself after their first term at university. But when Kit unexpectedly brings back her boyfriend Ivo, Belle has to welcome him into their home. Charming and confident, Ivo soon wins over the family, but Belle can’t shake a strange feeling. And when Ivo reveals he knows a lot more about Belle than he first let on, she realises his intrusion into their lives could destroy everything she has built. How far is Belle willing to go to protect her family and herself? 

My Thoughts:

Wow this book was absolutely brilliant. After reading Jacqueline’s previous novel The Coffin Club I couldn’t wait to start reading this one and my oh my it was good. I felt as though I got swept up into the story and didn’t want to leave until the end. The story is all about Belle and her family. She has two daughters that are coming back from university but one of them brings her boyfriend back. He is a bit of a mystery and starts acting weird around Belle, does he know her secret? the story runs at a great pace that keeps you intrigued, I didn’t guess what would happen and I was completely in shock over the last few pages. I couldn’t predict the ending it was so good. This is an author that is going to be on my radar now.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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