Velma Gone Awry: A Brooklyn 8 Ballo Mystery By Matt Cost

Velma Gone Awry: A Brooklyn 8 Ballo Mystery By Matt Cost

8 Ballo’s mother was certain he was going to be born a girl, but when he comes out a boy, she writes down simply the number 8, as he has seven older siblings. She meant to change it to a real name at some point but never got around to it.

Now, in his mid-thirties, 8 is a college educated man, a veteran of the Great War, jilted in love, and has his own private investigator business. He enjoys his friends, a good book, jazz music, and a very simple life. When he is hired to find the young flapper daughter of a German businessman, life suddenly becomes much more complicated.

My Thoughts:

8 is the main character in this book and he is now in his thirties, and lots of things have gone on in his life. He runs his own private investigator business now and when he is called upon to find a business man’s daughter he goes in there great guns. I found 8 a very unique character and the era the story is set in was an interesting one to read about. The only thing I would advise is the sexual and violence descriptions are quite vivid. Matt has really done well with the descriptions but I did feel as though it was a little bit too much for me. I enjoyed learning about the private investigator business too.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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