The Boathouse by Stepping Stone Bay By Helen Rolfe

The Boathouse by Stepping Stone Bay By Helen Rolfe

As a kid, Nina O’Brien spent all her summers at her grandparents’ cabin by the beach at Stepping Stone Bay. Long, sunny days full of fun and laughter with her best friends, Leo, Adrian, and Maeve, her friendship with Leo slowly blossoming into love. Until one fateful night changed everything for them all…

Twelve years later, Nina must return to the bay to renovate the old cabin and pass it on to a new owner. But not only does Leo still live in the cabin next door, he works at his family’s boathouse right there in the bay. As they begin to work through their differences and what happened all those years ago, can Nina really walk away from him twice?

Maeve has finally returned home to face the past. Her eleven-year-old son, Jonah, loves the sea, unlike Maeve who is terrified of it. But she knows she can’t keep Jonah away from the sea or the truth forever..

My Thoughts:

If you need a great feel good story then this is the one for you to get stuck into. It brought warmth and comfort to me reading it. After something terrible happens when spending a summer with her grandparents Nina is not looking forward to going back many years later, she has to confront the love of her life that she left behind so many years ago and how will that reunion be? also she is there to sort out her grandfather’s boathouse but she can’t think of anything worse than selling it. Can she change his mind before it is too late? We meet a few other characters in this book with real life situations. It was lovely to see how friends can still be friends after so many years apart. A great community to feel your heart with goodness. I got swept away into this book and I hope you do too.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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