The Fires By Sigridur Hagalin Bjornsdottir

The Fires By Sigridur Hagalin Bjornsdottir

After an eight-hundred-year slumber, the volcanoes in Iceland’s most populated region are showing signs of life. Earthquakes dominate the headlines. Echoes of the devastating eruptions in the past stir unease in the people.

Volcanologist Anna Arnardóttir has spent her entire life studying the volcanic powers under the earth’s crust, but even she cannot fathom the catastrophe at hand.

As a series of eruptions threaten most of Iceland’s population, she’s caught off her rational guard by the most terrible natural disaster of all—love. The world as she knows it is about to fall apart, and so is her heart.

Caught between the safety of a nation and her feelings for her children, her lover, and her past, Anna embarks on a dangerous journey to save the lives of the people she loves—and her soul.

My Thoughts:

I was so intrigued when I read the plot what the outcome of this book would be. It sounded different but in a good way. The story is about Anna who is a volcanologist and when the eruptions from the volcano start happening in Iceland and cause so much devastation she is torn on what to do. The story is about Anna and her life, the mistakes she has made and how her life is now, I did feel was a little too slow for me. The author has clearly done so much research into volcano’s as there is lots of science parts to it and diagrams. I didn’t really know what any of it means but anyone that loves volcano’s should read this book. It was not the book I was hoping for but it was ok.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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