The Lumberjills: Stronger Together A WW2 saga of courage and friendship By Joanna Foat

The Lumberjills: Stronger Together A WW2 saga of courage and friendship By Joanna Foat

When war breaks out, three spirited women must set aside their differences to help Britain win the war. Fighting from the forests, they find new depths of courage, strength and love. But – when war threatens everything – would you risk your life to save a friend?

When feisty, bohemian Keeva signs up for war work in the forest, she’s already learnt the hard way that people can’t be trusted. For Rosie, a factory girl from London’s East End, the forest is an escape – but she can’t stop her big mouth getting her into trouble. And Beatrice, a wealthy debutante, wants to use her brain, not ruin her fine hands felling trees. Meanwhile, Lady Denman, director of the Women’s Land Army, battles with bureaucrats in Whitehall to defend the Lumberjills.

As these strong women struggle to survive in a tough men’s world, it seems they really may succeed in their dangerous war work… when a terrible disaster strikes and threatens everything they have achieved.

The Lumberjills Stronger Together is inspired by the incredible and heroic true stories of the Women’s Timber Corps, a branch of the Women’s Land Army. Author Joanna Foat researched and interviewed sixty women who served as Lumberjills in World War II. These first-hand accounts, and her own passion for adventure in wild landscapes, bring a rugged authenticity to this emotionally rousing novel of female courage, strength and determination.

My Thoughts:

This book sounded really interesting to me and I couldn’t wait to start reading it. It is all about the lumberjills which is a female lumberjack, this story is set in World War Two and we see a group of women from all different backgrounds joining up to do what they can for the War. It was incredibly interesting to learn about what they went through back then, and what is involved in being a lumberjill back in the War. I liked at the end of the book reading about how much planning and research went into this book. It was an interesting subject and one I feel I know a lot more about now.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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