No One Saw It Coming By Susan Lewis

No One Saw It Coming By Susan Lewis

Secrets lie at the heart of every family…

When the unthinkable happens…

Hanna’s world is crumbling.

An unimaginable crime has been committed, and everyone’s looking for someone to blame. Her loved ones are under suspicion.

Now Hanna must work out who is threatening her family – before it’s too late.

No one could have seen this coming…

My Thoughts:

Susan is one of my go to authors, I always know how much I am going to enjoy one of her books. And she has written some really good books in the past. This was just as brilliant as all of her others. It starts off leaving the reader intrigued about what is going to happen and then as we go through each chapter we peel off the layers about what is really going on. It goes along at a comfortable pace to keep the reader wanting more, and the twists that come out are so unexpected but oh so good. I loved the story and how involved I felt reading it. Such a fantastic read by a brilliant author.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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