Enlightened As Hell By Dr Tony Ortega

Enlightened As Hell By Dr Tony Ortega

Geared towards people who want to be enlightened ( or simply live a better life) yet feel they can’t do so because of the past and/or current state of the spiritual world, Enlightened as Hell: How to be spiritual and not be a d*ck is the third book by clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Ortega.

Dr. Ortega brings three decades of experience as an actual mental health professional and consumer of an array of spiritual studies, as well as his sassy humour, to distill mental health and spiritual philosophies down to a street level. This is a book for millennials as much as it is for people 40+. Most likely to appeal more to women than men due to the nature of self – help readerships. Dr. Ortega is also a champion of LGBTQI + rights, so this is an inclusive, accessible book for anyone open to learning more about spirituality and potential answers to the question, “Is this is?”

My Thoughts:

What a fantastic and enlightening read. I really felt as though this book spoke to me. I was a bit sceptical before reading this book but I really found it helpful and I think alot of people will find it relatable. Some of the chapters contain humour which was funny. I like the fact that if you don’t want to read the book or if you have already, Each day you can scroll through to a any page and they have a highlighted affirmation that will literally bring positivity to your day. This is definitely going to help a lot of people see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:


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