Nine Perfect Strangers By Liane Moriarty

Nine Perfect Strangers By Liane Moriarty

Nine perfect strangers, each hiding an imperfect life.

A luxury retreat cut off from the outside world.

Ten days that promise to change your life.

But some promises – like some lives – are perfect lies . . .

My Thoughts:

I like how the plot is short and sweet and gives nothing away. I have not read many of Liane’s books but this one I felt as though I would enjoy. And I did. I did think with there being a lot of characters it would become confusing but it certainly did not. Each chapter is a different person so you get everyone’s perspective. We also hear of everyone’s stories which some people reading this may be able to relate to atleast one of these peoples lives. It is quite fast moving and some of the chapters are short so you feel as though you have to read one more. It was such a good plot line and I didn’t see the ending coming. It was a really good read. I look forward to watching the series on TV now.

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