The Shite before Christmas By Serena Terry

The Shite before Christmas By Serena Terry

One month to go. One stressed mum. Can she pull off the perfect family Christmas?

Twas the sh!te before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for … mum!

Like every mum, Tara wants a perfect Christmas for her family – but no-one else is lifting a finger and she’s losing her elf-ing mind. From the kids behaving badly (vaping! Potty training! The Nativity!), to a distracted husband acting very out of character, the last straw is Tara’s glamorous, feckless, boundary-less mother moving herself back in for the holidays.

Can Tara pull off the holly jolly Christmas of her dreams? Will she deck the halls and not her family? Or is this a Christmas catastrophe waiting to happen?

My Thoughts:

I saw this book and knew I had to read it. I loved it, it had everything and more that I needed. If you are after a hilarious and laugh out loud story, this is the perfect read. This is an author that is definitely going to be on my radar. Tara has a husband and kids and as it is getting closer to Christmas which is the most wonderful time of the year but is anyone helping her? of course not, and Tara is heavily pregnant. In this side splitting and mum related read, I felt sorry for Tara but my god Serena the author knows how to write a funny book. I would highly recommend.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:


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