The Guilt Trip By Sandie Jones

The Guilt Trip By Sandie Jones

A pool-side weekend in Portugal is the perfect way for five lifelong friends to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of their group, Will, and a chance for the rest of them to get to know Will’s fiancée, Ali, a little better. A newcomer to their group, Ali seems perfectly nice, and they are pleased to see Will finally happy after years of bad choices.

But Ali is hiding secrets and by the end of the holiday one of the group will be dead, with the rest returning home as suspects, wondering if they really know each other at all . . .

My Thoughts:

I was intrigued by the sound of this book and couldn’t wait to start it. A weekend away with a bunch of friends sounds pure bliss doesn’t it? well does it still sound bliss when you have five friends who are all guilty of something and one of them ends up dead. No I didn’t think so. It was an ok read that kept me engaged as I wanted to know what the outcome would be, however I did get confused with who is who and had to keep going back to remember all the characters. The murder itself I found confusing too but I am not going to say anything else as it will give it away. The pace I felt was good and there are plenty of twists and turns. It was alright but I don’t feel as though I would read any more by this author.

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