A Christmas Celebration By Heidi Swain

A Christmas Celebration By Heidi Swain

When Paige turns up unannounced at Wynthorpe Hall, she discovers the place she knew when she was growing up has changed beyond all recognition. She’s only planning to stay for a short time, but is quickly pulled into local life.
One night while driving home after delivering library books and shopping to residents she stumbles across an isolated cottage and meets Albert, its elderly and rather grumpy owner. She quickly realises there’s more to Albert than meets the eye and the same can be said for the other man she can’t seem to help running into, handsome but brooding Brodie.
All three of them have a secret and a desire to hide away from the world, but with Christmas on the horizon, is that really the best way to celebrate the season?

My Thoughts:

I love the cover of this book, it is very eye catching, I picked this book up in the hottest time of the year, I thought if I thought about Christmas and snow, it would make me feel less hot and it did help slightly. The story centres around Paige who is going back to where she grew up but everything has changed and she doesn’t know if she likes it and feels as though she wants to leave but then she meets Albert and even though he doesn’t want her help, he really does need it. Add in a dashing young man and you might see a little romance at Christmas. We discover all three of them have kept a secret but will they be able to help each other. A lovely story that pulled at my heart strings with a wonderful bunch of characters. Pure Joy.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:


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