We Know By Gregg Hurwitz

We Know By Gregg Hurwitz

A good job, a decent flat in Los Angeles, a quiet life – Nick Horrigan has finally put his traumatic past behind him. Or so it seems, until a SWAT team smashes into his place in the middle of the night. Still in pajamas, he’s dragged outside to a waiting helicopter. He’s told that a terrorist has seized control of a nuclear power plant and is threatening to blow it up…unless he can talk to Nick.

Flown into a deadly intrigue, Nick is charged with a dangerous secret, one that will take him from the dark alleys of the city to behind the scenes of a Presidential race. As he rockets toward the truth, peeling back layer after layer of lies and deception, only one thing is certain: The long-buried secret, tied to the traumas of his own past, threatens his life at every turn.

My Thoughts:

I have enjoyed the Orphan X books in the past so assumed this one would be good, but I felt a little let down by it. It was an ok story, the first several chapters were good and did a good job of setting the scene but then I found some things that seemed unbelievable and unlikely which let it down for me. On a positive note the characters were all well rounded and described well. My thoughts are that I would probably read another one of Gregg’s books as I have enjoyed his previous ones.

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