Down to the Woods By M. J. Arlidge

Down to the Woods By M. J. Arlidge

The last thing Tom Campbell remembers is camping in the New Forest with his girlfriend, Melissa.

Now he is helpless, alone, and being hunted through the woods by a sinister, masked figure . . .

When Tom’s body is found, displayed with grisly relish, Helen Grace takes the case. But before she can catch her breath, a second victim is taken.

There’s a serial killer on the loose.

As something dark and deadly stalks the forest, Helen and her team must race against time to catch the perpetrator, before more blood is shed.

But the hunt will take Helen back into the eerie twilit woods.

My Thoughts:

This is book 8 in the Detective Inspector Helen Grace series, I have read a few of these books but never in any order, but I feel as though you can get the jist of the story line without reading them in order. I loved the fact with all his books M. J always makes them fast paced and he never lets the chapters be too long so you don’t feel as though you are reading enough, it makes you want to read on. I find that a very clever concept. This time we see Helen face a new nightmare involving the woods and a killer on the loose, will Helen find the killer before it is too late or will she the target? This book I found engaging and interesting, it held my attention and I didn’t want to put it down until I had finished it. Another great book in the series, I cannot wait to read more.

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