The It Girl By Ruth Ware

The It Girl By Ruth Ware

Everyone wanted her life
Someone wanted her dead

It was Hannah who found April’s body ten years ago.
It was Hannah who didn’t question what she saw that day.
Did her testimony put an innocent man in prison?
She needs to know the truth.
Even if it means questioning her own friends.
Even if it means putting her own life at risk.
Because if the killer wasn’t a stranger, it’s someone she knows…

My Thoughts:

I can’t believe I have never read any of Ruth’s books before, that is now going to change as this one was phenomenal. It is that type of read where you read the plot and know what could potentially happen but when you read the book, you get the most craziest twists and turns that you cannot even believe what is going on. The story continues to build and gets intense and I feel as though this is a multi layered story that has many red herrings, twists and turns and many omg moments. Also I found the plot to be one that you could believe that could happen which felt as though it made the story come to life more. I am definitely purchasing more of Ruth’s books. This one is going to be a big hit for the Summer.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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