A Normal Family By Chrysta Bilton

A Normal Family By Chrysta Bilton

For most of her life, Chrysta Bilton was one member of a small, if dysfunctional, family of four. There was her sister, Kaitlyn, her hedonistic, glamorous, gay mum Debra, and Jeffrey, who Debra hand-picked, in an LA hairdressers, to be the father of her children. During Chrysta’s unstable childhood, Debra struggled to keep the family afloat and Jeffrey wandered in and out of their lives.

Then, in her twenties, Chrysta discovered that her father had secretly donated his sperm over 500 times – and that she had at least 35 other siblings.

My Thoughts:

what do you do when you discover your dad has secretly donated his sperm over 500 times and that you now find out you have at least 35 other siblings? that is the question on Chrysta’s lips when she discovers just this. This is an eye opening and heart felt memoir of Chrysta’s journey of embracing the family that she has and coming to terms with adjustment. It is a very engaging story that is thought provoking and makes you feel grateful for your family around you. You will go through many emotions reading this story, there are parts that are funny but also parts that are tender and could make you weep. Overall though it is a good read and I am glad Chrysta has decided to share her story.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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