Fever By Mary Beth Keane

Fever By Mary Beth Keane

Typhoid Mary: a selfish monster, or a hounded innocent?

They called her Typhoid Mary. They believed she was sick, that she was passing typhoid fever from her hands to the food that she served. They said she should have known.

But Mary wasn’t sick. She hadn’t done anything wrong.

She wasn’t arrested right away. There were warnings. Requests. And when she was finally taken, she did not go quietly. Branded a murderer and condemned by press and public alike, Mary continued to fight for her freedom, no matter the cost…

My Thoughts:

This sounded like a different kind of read to me, and an interesting one that is set in 1900’s, the first half of the book captured my attention and had me intrigued about where the story would go but the second half left me feeling restless and wanting the book to end. Mary is a hardworking woman from Ireland who goes to work as a cook in America, unfortunately for her, she is a carrier of typhoid, after reading this book you will feel a lot of sympathy for Mary and what she has to go through. I did find her a little irritating at times especially when she kept on returning to work after many that she had fed had died. The last half of the book I found monotonous and couldn’t wait to finish it.

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