The Prison Doctor: The Final Sentence By Dr Amanda Brown

The Prison Doctor: The Final Sentence By Dr Amanda Brown


These are just some of the fates facing the inmates at
Huntercombe prison.

Some have fled their homeland in fear of their lives.
Others are being sent to a country they left decades
ago. But Dr Amanda Brown is doing all she can for each
patient stuck in no-man’s land. They have little or no idea
of what awaits them outside, but she treats them with
kindness and respect. Whatever their crime, and whatever
their future holds, she is still their doctor.

My Thoughts:

I found this a very moving book, it had me in tears quite a bit, as it is all true stories what Dr Amanda had gone through whilst writing this book is absolutely heart breaking. I really felt for her. There are many accounts of different people who are held in centres before deportation. It was such an interesting and great insight into this kind of world that many don’t know much about. I found it fascinating to hear all the different stories. A great page turner.

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