Ocean State By Stewart O’Nan

Ocean State By Stewart O’Nan

When I was in eighth grade my sister helped kill another girl.

For the Oliviera family – mum Carol, daughters Angel and Marie – autumn 2009 in the once-prosperous beach town of Ashaway, Rhode Island is the worst of times. Money is tight, Carol can’t stay away from unsuitable men, Angel’s world is shattered when she learns her long-time boyfriend Myles has been cheating on her with classmate Birdy, and Marie is left to fend for herself. As Angel and Birdy, both consumed by the intensity of their feelings for Myles, careen towards a collision both tragic and inevitable, the loyalties of Carol and Marie will be tested in ways they could never have foreseen.

My Thoughts:

I was trying to think how I could best describe this book and the way I would describe it would be quirky, not that it is a bad thing, Stewart has turned a story into a beautiful and complex heartbreak of humans. It is a superb read, one that now I have finished reading it, I feel as though I want to go back for more. The women in this story are all so powerful in their own right and I felt as though I wanted to reach out and protect them. I need to read more of Stewart’s books now. This was a stunning first ever book by Stewart and I cannot wait to read more by him.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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