Journal of a Husband By Marc Francis

Journal of a Husband By Marc Francis

Journal of a Husband by [Marc  Francis]

Sometimes, the differences between a man and a woman are undeniable. The clashes and misunderstandings this leads to are humorously inevitable. Follow the day-to-day challenges that men may face in this hilarious journal, explaining the realities of being a husband.

Be prepared to laugh, smile and shake your head as you read about the struggles that the male mind goes through on a daily basis. In this book, you will find a husband’s equivalent of the ten commandments – critical for any successful marriage.

Alongside this, in a comically entertaining fashion, you will become educated on the antics husbands and wives use like ‘guilt spreading’, ‘the Jewellers/lunch trick’, and you will learn the three painstaking words you never want to hear, ‘Can you just…’.

My Thoughts:

This was such a hilarious story about marriage that had my sides splitting with laughter. All of the chapters were so funny and relatable with my husband and I. He wanted to know what I was laughing about and now is reading it himself. I know when he gets to a good part as I hear him chuckling to himself. The IKEA parts had me in stitches. They always say laughter is the best medicine and this book really did cheer me up. It is a short read and I read it in an hour, I just didn’t want to finish. A cracking debut and I can’t wait to see what Marc the author has up his sleeve. I would definitely recommend reading this book or buying it for your husband or wife.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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