Welcome to Seabreeze Farm By Jo Barlett

Welcome to Seabreeze Farm By Jo Barlett

Unhappy with life in London, and with her love life a complete disaster, Ellie Chapman desperately needs a change. So when she learns she’s inherited a farmhouse perched high up on the cliffs above the English Channel, it feels like the perfect escape.

But ramshackle and dilapidated, and ruled by the world’s naughtiest donkey, Seabreeze Farm is not as picture
perfect as Ellie imagined. And then there’s brooding local vet Ben Hastings, who seems to make it his mission to make life on the farm even harder for Ellie!

With money tight, Ellie slowly rebuilds the tired old farmhouse. And as the farm comes to life under Ellie’s care, Ellie’s spark returns
too. Because as every day passes, Ellie begins to realises that there is something special about Seabreeze Farm, and there’s no other place she’d rather be.

My Thoughts:

After reading this book I have realised I need to read more of Jo’s books as they are a really great read. This was such a comforting story about learning to trust again and what family and friends really mean to you. I wanted to be there and experience where it was set and meet all the wonderful characters that are involved in this book. I felt as though this was a perfect read to snuggle up with and it felt heartwarming and comforting to read. I need to work my way through Jo’s other books as I know how much I would enjoy them.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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