The Exhibitionist By Charlotte Mendelson

The Exhibitionist By Charlotte Mendelson

The longer the marriage, the harder truth becomes . . .

Meet the Hanrahan family, gathering for a momentous weekend as famous artist and notorious egoist Ray Hanrahan prepares for a new exhibition of his art – the first in many decades – and one he is sure will burnish his reputation for good.

His three children will be there: beautiful Leah, always her father’s biggest champion; sensitive Patrick, who has finally decided to strike out on his own; and insecure Jess, the youngest, who has her own momentous decision to make . . .

And what of Lucia, Ray’s steadfast and selfless wife? She is an artist, too, but has always had to put her roles as wife and mother first. What will happen if she decides to change? For Lucia is hiding secrets of her own, and as the weekend unfolds and the exhibition approaches, she must finally make a choice.

My Thoughts:

The cover for this book is simply stunning, the illustrator has captured the image beautifully. In this story Charlotte the author does a really great job of being a fly on the wall inside a families home so we as the reader can experience everything that the family are going through. It is such a great idea for a story and one that works really well. It is eye opening and draws the reader in. There are parts I found funny but also parts that made me stop and thinking. Such a thought provoking novel. I loved it.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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