Women and Love By Miriam Burke

Women and Love By Miriam Burke

Women and Love is a thought-provoking collection of seventeen tightly woven tales about the power of love, all its trials and complications, and the shattered lives it can leave in its wake. The stories explore a huge variety of sorts of love surrounding women in wildly differing settings, and features an unforgettable cast including GPs, burglars, inmates, emigrant cleaners, carers, young professionals, and many more. Navigating heavy themes, with a particular focus on LGBTQ+ experiences, including gender dysphoria and searching for a sperm donor, the stories leave the reader burning with indignation, full of empathy and wonder. ‘I couldn’t sleep that night; our conversation was like a trapped bird flying around inside my head. The next morning, I texted to say I wouldn’t be coming back. I lied about having to return to my country to nurse a sick relative. I couldn’t bear to see my story mirrored in his eyes, and to see what we never had. I knew he’d understand.’

My Thoughts:

I love a book that is slightly different to what I would normally read. This is a great pick up of different short stories, which are all about love and what it can lead to some good and some bad. All of the stories involve all women and I feel as though we celebrate being a women when reading this book. We cover a whole range of topics and many different and unique jobs too. I found this such a perfect pick me up, I enjoyed quite a few of the stories some really stood out than others but they were all good in their own equal rights. It made me feel satisfied at the end.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. Thank you to Will at Renard Press for sending me a copy.

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One thought on “Women and Love By Miriam Burke

  1. This sounds interesting, especially the transgender themes. I might want to pick this one up in the near future, I’ve been writing more short stories so I’ve been trying to read more too. 🙂


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