Neglected By Cathy Glass

Neglected By Cathy Glass

Little Jamey, 2½ years old, is placed with experienced foster carer, Cathy Glass, as an emergency.

The police and social services had no choice after a neighbour reported Jamey had been left alone all night while his mother went out partying. Scared, hungry and withdrawn, Jamey has spent so much time in his cot that his leg muscles haven’t developed, and he can barely walk. He is craving affection, and Cathy and her family find him very easy to love. However, as Jamey begins to settle in and make progress a new threat emerges. Coronavirus and lockdown changes everything.

My Thoughts:

I have read all of Cathy’s books to date and they never fail to disappoint. This one was just as good as all of her other books. This story focuses on Jamey’s story and also how the pandemic affected Cathy and her family. Little Jamey is such a sweet little boy and I was grateful to Cathy for taking him in and all the things she does for him is wonderful, it was wonderful to see how much he develops just within the time he is with Cathy. I found it interesting to see how Cathy and her family cope during the pandemic and how much it had hit foster carers is eye opening. I look forward to Cathy’s next book now.

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