A Moment On The Lips By J. Taylor

A Moment On The Lips By J. Taylor

Etta Wilson has vowed to make a change. At five foot three and a size twenty, she’s had enough. Honestly, this has absolutely nothing to do with seeing her ex, Robert Ward, strolling around town, smitten with a new slim girlfriend.

So, Etta’s chucked the calorific cakes, thrown the takeaway in the bin and committed to cardio. She’s got nothing to lose – well apart from a lot of weight – but how hard can that be?

Nearly impossible, it turns out. Etta soon realises she can’t do this alone. Thanks to her colleagues at the Elm Lodge Care Home, she won’t have to. With their help, will Etta reach her goals? Or does a moment on the lips really mean a lifetime on the hips?

My Thoughts:

This was such a nice story that will have you in stitches, it is definitely the best medicine if you are feeling down. I could empathise and relate to the characters, who were all great by the way. There are lots of one liners that hade me roaring with laughter. Many people struggle with their weight and I am one of them, so I feel as though this book proves that you are not alone on this journey of self discovery, it has made me feel motivated to get myself some help and prove to myself I can do this. I really hope it helps other people that are struggling. I found it such a heart warming story that I would highly recommend.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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