The Kindness Club on Mapleberry Lane

The Kindness Club on Mapleberry Lane

Veronica Beecham’s cottage is the neatest house on Mapleberry Lane. A place for everything, and everything in its place – that’s her motto. But within her wisteria-covered walls, Veronica has a secret: she’s hardly left her perfect home in years.

Then her teenage granddaughter, Audrey, arrives on the doorstep, and Veronica’s orderly life is turned upside down. Shy and lonely, Audrey is struggling to find her place in the world. As a bond begins to form between the two women, Audrey develops a plan to give her gran the courage to reconnect with the community – they’ll form a kindness club, with one generous action a day to help someone in the village, and perhaps help each other at the same time.

As their small acts of kindness begins to ripple outwards, both Veronica and Audrey find that with each passing day, they feel a little braver. There’s just one task left before the end of the year: to make Veronica’s own secret wish come true…

My Thoughts:

This was a great little read that I thoroughly enjoyed. It seemed to fit perfectly with the way I was feeling and cheered me up no end. I loved all the characters who were absolutely brilliant including Veronica. I felt drawn to her the most and wanted to help her. I adored the kindness calendar and I feel as though every school should do it as it teaches children to be kind and think of others, it was such a wonderful thing to do and look how many people it helped out. It has certainly made me think about what I can do to better others around me. This is a book that I would re-read time and time again as it was just brilliant.

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