The Anomaly By Herve Le Tellier

The Anomaly By Herve Le Tellier

When flight Air France 006 enters a terrifying storm, the plane – inexplicably – duplicates. For every passenger on board that day, there are now two – a double with the same mind, body and memories.

Just one thing sets them apart. One plane leaves the storm in March. The other doesn’t land until June. For world leaders, the emergence of the June flight raises serious alarms. No science, faith, or protocol can explain this unprecedented event.

But for the passengers, a bigger question is at stake. What happens to them, now that their life is shared? What happens to those who land in June, when their March doubles make decisions that will change their lives forever?

And as the doubles prepare to meet, they have an extraordinary decision to make.

If there are two of them, and just one life – who gets to live it?

My Thoughts:

I loved the sound of this book, it sounded a bit different and original. When a plane enters a storm the plane duplicates, each passenger has a duplicate of themselves, But one plane leaves the storm in March and the other in June. The passengers that arrive first change the lives of those who leave the storm later. It was a very interesting thriller, one that I couldn’t stop thinking about and one I questioned myself over and over again. We hear from several of the character first hand and get their back stories which I enjoyed reading about. I am not a huge fan of science fiction but it was ok in this story, it worked well. It such a fresh idea for a story and it really worked for me, this would be brilliant if it was made into a film.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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