The Secret By Debbie Howells

The Secret By Debbie Howells

‘Everyone has secrets. And now, one of mine is yours…’

As the only two teenagers in a small village, Hollie and Niamh tell each other everything. Behind Abingworth’s closed doors, every family has its secrets – and theirs might hide the worst ones of all.

One day Hollie tells Niamh about a devastating discovery, swears her to secrecy … then vanishes. All the villagers claim to know nothing. Until Hollie’s body is found, and the police know one of their number isn’t just a liar, but a killer…

What did Hollie tell Niamh before she died? And who would kill to keep the secret?

My Thoughts:

Set in a small village, Niamh and Hollie are the only youngsters that live there. They are very close friends and tell each other everything until one day Hollie goes missing but she told Niamh something before she went missing but Niamh promised she wouldn’t tell anyone. Then Hollie’s body is found but who killed her? suspicions grow around all the villagers but which one killed her? secrets, lies and betrayals all surface. Will Niamh be able to tell the police everything she knows. I think this is my first book by Debbie and I would read more of hers, this was a good paced thriller that kept me engaged throughout, I did find the middle part a little slow but the ending was a shocker and one I didn’t see coming.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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