Coming Home To The Four Streets By Nadine Dorries

Coming Home To The Four Streets By Nadine Dorries

Trouble is coming to the four streets, especially for its redoubtable women, who’ve struggled through a bitter winter to put food on the table. The Dock Queen Carnival is only weeks away, but there’s no money for the usual celebrations. No sign of a tramp ship with illicit cargo to be quietly siphoned off by the dockers.

Peggy Nolan, with seven boys and a husband too lazy to work, has hit rock bottom and is hiding a terrible secret. Little Paddy, her mischievous eldest, is all too often in trouble, but he’d do anything for the mother he loves. How can he save her from selling herself on the streets – or worse?

Maura and Tommy Doherty always looked out for any neighbour in trouble, especially Peggy, but they’re far away, running a pub in Ireland and corrupt copper, Frank the Skank, is moving into their old house on the four streets. Can anything bring them home in time?

My Thoughts:

This is the fourth book in this series, without reading the other three books I thought it was a great read. I liked the fact it is centred around a street with lots of interesting characters, you can see when times were really hard how these people stuck together and helped each other out. Even through a really bad time of sadness and heartbreak you can really see the neighbours pulling together to help one another even if they don’t have much themselves. It was a powerful story, one that literally blew me away, I will have to get stuck into the other three now as I always like to know the characters background. I also want to learn more about the history of the place and also the street as I am sure I would find that very interesting too. An enjoyable read.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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