Tamesis Street ( Thirty Authors tell one story of a Climate Disaster)

Tamesis Street ( Thirty Authors tell one story of a Climate Disaster)

From One Disaster, a Community Grows.

London, 2050.

Catastrophic flooding has breached the Thames Barrier. As Londoners fight to escape the remains of their city, a group of neighbours must band together for survival.

Written by:
Stig Abell, Samira Ahmed, Ather Al Atyiah, Charmaine D. Arcos, Bill Bryson, Cressida Cowell, Kit de Waal, Michael Donkor, Patrick Gale, Joanne Harris, Veronica Henry, Kerry Hudson, Andrew Michael Hurley, Balli Kaur Jaswal, Kayleigh Kelly, Yi Shun Lai, John Lanchester, Helen Lederer, Mike Leigh, Kirsty Logan, Mary-Noel Abia Mbata, Wyl Menmuir, Miriam Mwazimva, Chris Packham, Jay Rayner, Monique Roffey, Sarah Tagholm, Sarah Waters, Emma Yule and the real stories of Melrose, Mary and Stephano who rebuilt their lives after disaster.

My Thoughts:

Wow what an incredibly touching and moving story about the lives of those whose homes have been destroyed. It is such a unique story where each of the thirty authors have written a chapter each but it also has parts that are written by people that have had to rebuild their lives after a disaster. The story really shows the impact Climate Change has on the world, and how a community can pull together in tough times. It taught me some things too about Climate Change that that I didn’t know about. I love that fact is it so unique and a story that I cannot wait to recommend to people as I feel everyone can learn a thing or two from this book. I also love that at the end of the book, there is a bit where it explains the story behind the story. This story has really touched me and I will not forget it.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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