The Memory Box By Kathryn Hughes

The Memory Box By Kathryn Hughes

Jenny Tanner opens the box she has cherished for decades. Contained within are her most precious mementoes, amongst them a pebble, a carving and a newspaper cutting she can hardly bear to read. But Jenny knows the time is finally here. After the war, in a mountainside village in Italy, she left behind a piece of her heart. However painful, she must return to Cinque Alberi. And lay the past to rest.

After a troubled upbringing, Candice Barnes dreams of a future with the love of her life – but is he the man she believes him to be? When Candice is given the opportunity to travel to Italy with Jenny, she is unaware the trip will open her eyes to the truth she’s been too afraid to face. Could a place of goodbyes help her make a brave new beginning?

My Thoughts:

I have only read a couple of Kathryn’s books and always ask myself why I don’t read more of her books as they are really good reads. This story we get transported from 2019 back to 1940, I like reading some books that are set in that era as it is interesting to find out what life was like then. This story involves Jenny who now is 100 years old and lives in a residential home. Her carer is Candice who loves looking after Jenny and hearing about her life. When Jenny tells Candice that she would love to visit Italy to pay her respects we see Jenny flitting to the past and we hear her story about why she wants to go to Italy. Meanwhile we also hear Candice’s story and the two run alongside each other but also intertwine. I think the story had a great pace and it kept me captivated reading Jenny’s story, I hoped she would make it in time to go to Italy and be at peace. I like how the chapters are different years and either Jenny or Candice. There are also a couple of twists that I was not expecting that seemed to come out of nowhere but brilliantly written in. It was such a good story one that has impacted on me and one that I will not forget. I look forward to Kathryn’s next book but in the mean time I will catch up and read her previous novels as I feel as though I am missing out on another great read.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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