The Only Child By Miranda Rijks

The Only Child By Miranda Rijks

One little boy. One little lie. Where will it end?

Chantal and Stuart are a golden couple. She’s a high-flying divorce lawyer dealing with the biggest case of her career, and he’s the darling of daytime television, on the cusp of A-list celebrity. Their seventeen-year old son Alex is a passionate environmentalist, the apple of his mother’s eye.

And it’s all built on a lie.

A lie told by Chantal.

When someone discovers her secret and starts to blackmail her, Chantal’s perfect life threatens to go into freefall. Her marriage, her career, and even her relationship with her son are at stake. She can’t let it happen!

She decides to fight fire with fire, but soon finds her actions have extreme – and unexpected – consequences. As she is pulled ever deeper into a web of lies and deceit, she has to ask the most terrifying question of all…

Where will it end?

My Thoughts:

This is an author I need to keep in my radar, this was a brilliant psychological thriller that really packed a punch. It had me hooked from the first page and I raced through it at lightening speed as I wanted to find out what was going to happen. Every chapter leaves you wanting a bit more so you don’t want to put it down. I liked the story line and I felt as the story flowed well throughout. The characters were a great bunch some with relatable issues. The story is about Chantal and her family, Chantal has a big secret that no one knows, but when that secret gets into the wrong hands, there are some severe consequences for Chantal and her family. But can she get herself out of it before it is too late? The story draws you further in with the twists and some of them made me gasp. The ending you won’t even believe. I really enjoyed this story and I will be looking out for more of Miranda’s books in the future. I would definitely recommend this book too.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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